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Lower back pain?

As you are reading this, are you sitting in a chair that you have been sitting in for longer than three hours? Do you drive a lot for work? Are you experiencing a lower back pain? If you answered yes to these questions, then you probably have tight hip-flexors. Our main hip flexor, which is the psoas muscle is located deep on the side of the vertebral column.. The Psoas muscle may be the most important muscle in your entire body. It is the cause of imbalances in the hips, lower back pain, and may other problematic issues. If your Psoas muscles become tight then the surrounding muscle must over compensate causing a lot of pain around your hips and lower back

Sitting for long periods of time can actually make your hip-flexors tight. When your hip-flexors become tight, they can give you a pelvic tilt, meaning these muscles are so tight, that they pull your pelvic bone and torso forward, causing a lot of pain in your lower back due to the increase of tightness in the lower back.

At Get Me Goings Medical Massage Center, we have helped many patients, illiminate their pelvic tilt by manually stertching out the Psoas, and the surrounding hip-flexors, giving them instant relief of their back pain and eliminating hip pain. So, after you have finished reading this, stand up, and stretch, and if you feel tightness and pain in your lower back, then you should book an appointment with us today. We now have two locations to better serve you. You can book online for either our Get Me Goings of Roseville, or our Get Me Goings of La Jolla, in San Diego. At Get Me Goings Medical Massage, we believe that EVERY BODY NEEDS TO BE KNEADED!

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