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Running...Good or Bad?

I am a big fan running as it has been proven a great way to lose weight. However, many people that begin to use running for their weight loss, dive in and go hard only to begin feeling pain a few days later, which then discourages them and eventually turns into it an excuse as to why they can not continue exercising.

First and foremost, as with any type of exercise, always consult with your physician before any extreme exercise changes in your daily life. Second, when starting out a weight loss regiment like running, it is always best to start out small. Just like a baby has to learn to crawl, before walking, and then comes the running. This will allow your boy to adjust as well. If you start out running five miles a day and have not ran since high-school, you are going to have issues. You will be putting too much strain on your heart, your muscles may cramp up, and you will be extremely sore. My advice to anyone that wanting to run for weight-loss, is to do intervals. When I lost 45 lbs because of running, I started off running for 3 minutes, with a one minute walk break. This will increase your heart rate which will increase the burning of fat in your body. I would do this for twenty minutes for the first two weeks, then I increased it to 30 minutes on my third week. Once you build up your stamina, you can increase the amount of straight running time and limit your walking breaks.

Also it is important to give your body a rest. When you are first staring out, make sure you give yourself a rest day after each day of running. This will give your body a chance re-cooperate which is great for muscle recovery. Gradually decrease your rest days to run two days rest one day, then run three days in a row, then rest, so forth and so forth until you can run five days in a row, then rest for two in a row. Remember, this is your pace, and what you can do. My recommendations are for you to use as a model and for you to customize it to your ability. Each body is created differently so pay attention to what your body is telling you and learn its limits in a safe manner.

Now that we understand that running is an excellent exercise for general health, I still have have to address the issue of people worrying about running causing strain on ankles, knees, hips, and legs that may lead to arthritis or other medical problems. The reality is running strengthens joints and bones, and reduces the risk of arthritis and skeletal problems. In other words, you are at a greater risk of developing arthritis by not running than if you did have a running routine in your life. With the many benefits that running can provide you, you should stop reading this, and put the headphones on and start running. And if you need us for a post-running treatment, we are here for you. A post-running treatment will help you get rid of lactic acid in the muscles, which decreases soreness, and gives your muscles a faster recovery time so that you can stay on track and consistent with your goals.

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