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Our Mission Statement:

At Get Me Goings, our mission is to prioritize the well-being of our patients above all else. We are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support that focuses on the individual, rather than solely addressing their specific problems. By understanding the unique needs and goals of each patient, we strive to create a nurturing and empowering environment where they can embark on their healing journey. Through our expertise in sports and medical massage techniques, we aim to enhance their physical performance, alleviate pain, promote recovery, and optimize overall health. Our commitment to personalized care and a patient-centered approach sets us apart, ensuring that every individual receives the attention, compassion, and quality treatment they deserve.


Our Story 

Boy, do we have an interesting story! However, it is too long to share on this site, but perhaps the owner Troy will tell you one dayBut here is the long-story short version.

Troy worked at Dr. Zawada's Chiropractic Center, a popular chiropactor in Roseville, for many years. One day an older gentleman ran to his appointment, physically ran to his appointment. As Troy was conducting the intake, this gentleman proceeded to undress himself while answering questions. Once he removed his underwear and proceeded to squat while naked, to demonstrate his hip issue, Troy had to walk out. It was at that very moment Troy questioned his profession as a massage therapist.

That night while contemplating on finding a new career, he realized he had a gift and was good at what he did.  He just couldnt stand being in a dark room with candles on and whales screaming through the radio. He wanted to fix people, not date them.

And that is when it hit him! He came up with the idea to keep the lights on, and blast Metallica, Guns and Roses, and even some gangsta rap! He decided he didn't want to try and fit a full body massage into one hour anymore and thought about how much more of a benefit someone can get if the focus was primarliy on the issue.

Helping a young quarterback be the best him possible.jpg

Troy's 1st office

Troy decided to ask the chiropractor if he can keep the lights on and blast his music in the treatment room. Dr. Zawada was a bit hesitant but agreed to give it a try. And this was the birth of Get Me Goings!

It worked! Troy got busier because he was doing things not of the norm and getting results that people were loking for. He quickly got busy and in January of 2018, Troy left the chiropractic office and started his own practice known now as Get Me Goings Sports and Medical Massage Center.

Opening up the hips with some Active Release Therapy on the glut medial muscle.jpg

Troy's first office 

As Troy was growing his business, he also went back to school for Sports Medicine. While attending school, he would work in the College Athletic Training room assisting the injured athletes. That was when Troy thought "why do only college and professional athletes receive this kind of care?" And this was the birth of Troy's next vision for Get Me Goings. To provide an athletic training room to the public, coining the phrase "You do not need to be an athlete to be treated like one". Troy turned his vision into what Get Me Goings is today, a no-nonsense, loud, high-energy treatment facility that is giving the people the results that they deserve.

Today, Troy has created a team of therapist that hacv e the same vision and goals that he has. He has trained them in his techniques that has made Get Me Goings THE place to go for good quality bodywork. We pride ourselves on how unique we are. We love that you will not find another place like this. Call to book your New Patient Appointment with us and experience the difference for your self!

Come get your fix!


Current Office

"You do not have to be a professional athlete to be treated like one" - Troy Goings

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