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Whether you are a weekend warrior, a desk jockey, a stay-at-home hero, or a professional athlete, we can tailor a treatment that fits your specific needs.
Pain is pain no matter who you are

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MMA fighters Max "Pain"  Griffen and Aspen Ladd


What to Expect at our Facility

We will tell you one thing. You will not find soft candles, whales screaming into a microphone, running water over rocks, or any of that zen stuff. We are a no-nonsense high-energy, result driven clinic. When you walk into our facility you will know right away that you are in a place that you have been searching for. You will notice that all of the tables are out in the open. You will hear some sort of loud music blasting in the treatment room. You will hear laughter, screams, and moans. You will love it and you will feel at home. We are different and we love it! it. 

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Troy Goings working on 4x Mr. Olympia Jeremy Buendia

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