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Our Approach

We pride ourselves in our uniqueness as well as our attention to detail. We are a spot-specific clinic, meaning, we only work on the area that is hurting you. This is how we maximize our time together, giving you the results that you are looking for.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Results!

We are not like any other massage treatment facility that you have ever been to. If you are looking to be petted while whales are singing in a dark room with candles lit, then you may want to "x" out right now and never come here. We offer a high-energy clinic with practitioners that know what they are doing. You will leave here feeling like a new person. Come experience the difference for yourself!

New Patient Appointment

What makes us unique? We are not a typical massage clinic and we are very proud of that! We have designed a process that gives you the dynamic attention to detail that every one deserves. No more paying someone to pet you for an hour and throwing your money away. 

Our New Patient Appointment is the first step to a better you. This appointment is an hour consultation with the owner and founder of Get Me Goings, Troy Goings. He facilitates every patient in our clinic. The consultation includes, an intake, an assessment and bodywork. Based on his findings and recommendations, he will write a very specific treatment plan based on your needs, which could include future bodywork appointments, infrared sauna sessions, Normatec, leg compressions, stretching sessions, and more. At the conclusion of the consultation, you will have a print out of your treatment plan as well as a list of all scheduled appointments. The goal is to get you to maintenance status, which means needing a once a month appointment just to stay on top of your body's needs. This process is designed for real-results with long lasting effects. Say good-bye to massage clinics that do nothing but take your money. Get Me Goings, will improve your life!

Get Me Goings Treatment
*these prices are for individuals not in a treatment plan

Intern Massage ..................$50.00 an hour

Practitioner (Level 2) .........$70.00 an hour

Practitioner (Level 2) .........$95.00 for 90 Minutes

Therapist (Level 3) .............$95.00 an hour

Therapist (Level 3) .............$110.00 for 90 minutes

Therapist (Level 4) .............$125.00 an hour

Therapist (Level 4) .............$145.00 for 90 minutes

for more services that we offer please click the following link:

A Letter from the Owner, Troy Goings

Thank you for taking the time to read this part of the website. If you are reading this, then you are tired of going to other massage places and not getting results, so you are spending time researching for your next treatment. Well, I am happy to say, your search has ended with Get Me Goings! My name is Troy Goings, and I started this company in 2018 with the idea of giving people the results that they so desperately need when it comes to massage treatments. We are a no-nonsense clinic that addresses the issues at hand and will remain focused on those issues until the problem is resolved. I pride myself on our center. I take pride in knowing that you will not find another massage facility like ours. We are very unique and I love that the most about us. We do not do one-hour full body massages, and you will not hear any whales singing in our music. You will not find soft candles glowing in a dark room. We offer a safe, clean, high energy treatment center to cater to your specific needs. The music (rap,rock, country) is pumped up loud, and you are not naked in a dark room with a complete stranger making this a more ideal scenario. We are not trying to date you, we want to fix you. If you are looking to be petted for an hour, then this place is not for you. But, if you are looking to leave your treatment, pain-free, with long- lasting effects, then this is your new home. Book an appointment today and experience the difference for yourself. Remember, every BODY needs to be kneaded!

Thank- you for your consideration and we hope to see you soon. -Troy Goings

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