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Check out Our Reviews and see why we create smiles!



Sep 11, 2020

Shaylene Drayer


"Get Me Goings facilities is a very inviting place. The technicians are very knowledgeable and understand the body."


Aug 25, 2020

David Pearl

Saved me from surgery

"To say it simply, Troy is THE MAN. I have had severe shoulder/delt/Tricep/bicep pain that have been diagnosed by multiple doctors as a torn rotator, one doctor said torn triceps, and others have been relatively unsure. Six months of not being able to do a single push up, or bench press even 25lb dumbbells. At the end of my first session with Troy, I did 10 push-ups pain free. The day after, I took it easy, but benched 75lb dumbbells for reps with very minimal pain. 75%+ improvement in 24hrs!"


Aug 23, 2020

Joe Dew

Total Knee Replacement recovery! Help needed!

"Was referred to the by a friend a repeat customer! My scar tissue healed faster then me getting my flexibility back! First visit was helpful in getting scar tissue to release my new knee too be able to get me back on track to my return to work! Troy and his staff you guys rock and I’m looking forward to my next pain and gain recovery’"


Aug 23, 2020

Erick Espana

Hands of magic

"As always Troy and staff take care of all my back and neck pain, i can honestly say that each time I go in there without saying what my issue is they identify it off the bat. No place I would ever go to except for get me goings."


Aug 21, 2020

Trish B

Always hurts so good!

"Troy hits the right spot instantly. I've had both neck & lower back issues that he has successfully found me relief. Yup, painful to have those knots worked at but relief is fabulous!"


Aug 20, 2020

Andreana Thornsberry

It's mind blowing!

"I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for 10 years and Achilles tendinitis for the past 2 years. I probably had the longest hour of my life while he worked on my body hard but I don’t regret it at all! I came out 100% better than I came in. No joke I felt no pain in my Achilles’ tendon and id never touched my toes so quickly without feeling lower back pain. Next day I rolled out of bed with no pain! If your in Any kind of pain Troy is the guy for you!! DONT WAIT!"


Aug 16, 2020

Leah Corgiat

Keep coming back for more

"Troy & Journey have been my go to for a while now. They are the only ones I want working on me. Im not paying to feel good for an hour, im paying to feel good forever. They really work on those tight muscles and knots and my migraines have not come back. I will keep coming back for more."


Aug 13, 2020

Susanne Bristow

Hurts So Good

"I have a torn lateral meniscus as my main injury. Troy knew exactly where to pinpoint my knee damage and help alleviate my pain. Yes it is painful when being worked on, but I know it’s much better. He and his staff take the necessary time to massage you as needed. They don’t rush you in and out. Make an appointment for yourself and take care of whatever is hurting you!"


Aug 4, 2020

Sheri Bailey

Troy is THE best

"I’ve been going to Troy for at least 5 years. Maybe longer. I found him when I tweaked my neck and couldn’t turn my head. My hair gal gave me his number. I went in and within an hour I walked out moving my head all around and pain free. I’ve been hooked ever since. He never disappoints."


Aug 1, 2020

Maira T

Journey is the BEST

"Journey gets the job done! Not only is she friendly and plays good music. Her massages are amazing! It hurts so good! She works problem areas really REALLY well! I highly recommend her!"


July 24, 2020


Excellent service

"He has help me with my sciatica that I have suffered for at least 5 years And within 2 appointments I can already feel amazing progress"


July 21, 2020

James L

Excellent value

"As a long time athlete and martial arts professional I can say that the results you get here are well worth the investment- check them out!"


July 18, 2020

Lexi W

Miracle Workers!

Miracle Workers!

"I decided to try out Get Me Goings after a friend of mine recommended Troy. I had pretty severe back and neck pain that I knew wasn't going away. I have had deep tissue massages & previous sports massages and this was by far the best and most painful-in a good way. Yvonne & Troy were both able to see what was going on and correct it in one appointment. I also love that various genres of music are blasting, it definitely helped & distracted me from the pain of getting all the knots out."


July 16, 2020

Trevor Mcconnell

He knows what he is doing

"I had knots in my back and he instantly knew where and how to fix them. I highly recommend Troy! He efficiently finds the trouble area and instantly begins problem solving the issue."


July 10, 2020

Tim K

Troy know's his stuff

"Coming up on the big 60 and things don't work like they use to. Been having issues in my shoulder and my Dr just wanted to give me a cortisone shot. My son told me to go see Troy. I was amazed his knowledge and and passion for what he does. He worked the shoulder and left arm and by the end of the session I had significant more movement/strength. What a difference for my life and relief of pain. I will rest it a few days and will be able to water ski again!! Thank you Troy!! You da man!!"


July 9, 2020

Amanda H

Get Me Goings Review

"I highly recommend this medical massage center. I enjoyed my first massage and will be returning. In just one session, I have already started to feel better! Thank you again!"


June 24, 2020

Dany B

Best in the Business

"There is a reason why Troy is called the Massage Messiah , the guy knows his stuff, if you have stiffness, tightness Mr. Goings work magic on you."


June 21, 2020

Cori Sargent


"I have gone to see Troy a couple times about the impingement with my shoulder. I went this time and journey worked on me. I couldn’t rotate it around completely or reach up fully before the appointment. Now I have my rotation back and can actually sleep on it which hasn’t happened for months. I always feel so much better after going here. Journey was amazing and knew exactly where to target... couldn’t be happier!"


June 18, 2020

Dorothy Landry


A new person!

"After one visit, I have full range of motion in my arms and shoulders where I was in constant muscle pain and spasms before. Troy diagnosed the issue very quickly, Yvonne performed magic and then Troy worked out the final kinks. Today I’m sore and bruised - but in a good, healing way! Truly an experience that has me in my way back to health!"


June 17, 2020

Brian N

"Best of the Best"

"If you are having any mobility issues or pain from movement, Troy is the best of the best. He will take care of your issues. Look no further!"


June 16, 2020


Highly recommended!

"Troy is the massage messiah! I was deployed numerous times and returning home, I was pretty badly injured. Troy took care of me and assisted me with all my problem areas. Troy was able to get me back into a maintenance level again. Troy and his crew is patient with your needs and addresses all your needs and concern! Awesome clean clinic, team and you can’t forget the good taste of music! Highly recommended!!!"


June 16, 2020

Jordan M

Top Notch!

"I was dealing with pain in my left shoulder, upper back and neck since January. Limited mobility in my neck without sharp shooting pains. After just one visit I have full range of motion restored in my neck, and overall everything feels better. They found knots in my back that I did not even know I had. You can tell everyone is very knowledgeable and they have an understanding of how the body is supposed to work, and how to get it back to normal. I am Grateful to have fond Get me Goings!"


June 12, 2020

Sarah Waklee

Range of motion

"I went in not able to lift my arm straight up and in pain. I left with full range of motion in my arm and feeling great!!! Awesome team and great location!"


June 7, 2020

Danny F



"Troy never fails at kneading the aches and pains away...... Your knowledge and caring what is needed is a comfortable feeling knowing I’m in good hands! Appreciate you Man!!"


June 5, 2020


Gets you going!

"Amazing technique at this place, they aren't just your typical masseurs. Its more like physical therapy. If you've ever been in pain before you know how bad it can slow down your life. Go see the people at Get Me Goings and they will LITERALLY get you going again. Their breadth of knowledge is amazing and they use effective techniques I have never seen before. My posture is much better. I very highly recommend you try this place out. Dont stay in pain, you cant put a price on relief!!!"


May 7, 2020

Linda Gurnee

Hurts bad, but works good!

"Journey has the magic touch and has been able to reduce pain and inflammation in various parts of my “older but active” body. We started with a severely painful hip and gluteal strain that demanded walking with a cane for support. In the first session, she was able to relax the muscles and tendons and reduce the pain levels. By the second session, I was back walking normally again, taking the dog for walks, riding my horse and bike. She works on my old and new injuries with success. Love her!"


May 6, 2020

Chris Nelson

Life changing

"Amazing experience I felt my body and in tune for days following my massage am now on the books for as long as necessary"


May 1, 2020

Amanda Ziegler

The best

"Troy is the absolute best! Always very friendly and helpful, and definitely knows what he is doing. Thank you for fixing my back!"


Apr 23, 2020

Desiree Dexter


"My pain was a 10 before Troy healed me I walked out at a 1. His kindness and healing is like no other. Thank you for all you do and for giving me back my mobility. You are truly a message messiah!"


Apr 17, 2020

Doug Grexton

First Visit

"40+ CrossFitter here. Troy was friendly and helpful and troubleshooted my areas of need immediately. It was awesome to be worked on by a professional who knew what they were doing. It was nice to feel pain free after only an hour of work!"


Apr 16, 2020

Robin Z

Massage with Troy

"I was referred here by my daughter who goes to Troy. My shoulder was killing me, went to Troy and he definitely knows his stuff! Shoulder was better immediately after I left and the next day no pain at all in my shoulder. Thank you Troy will definitely be coming back here again!"


Apr 5, 2020

Jennifer L.

Amazing! Awesome!

"Thank you so much Troy!! Amazing and so glad I finally listened and came to see you! Thank you for making me finally get some relief after years and years of knee problems and back problems!!!"


Apr 5, 2020

Earl Hayes

Only place I will go

"I’ve only gone to Troy to fix me up. I had journey this time. I’m not a small guy but she kicked my ass in a good way. Best massage I’ve had from a female therapist I’ve had. If you are thinking about going in stop thinking and just book your appointment.. go get your fix"


Apr 4, 2020

Rebecca S


"Seriously the most amazing massage I have ever had! Troy does not give your run of the mill massage. My shoulders and back hurt so good right now! My first day not having numbness in my hand!!!"


Mar 11, 2020

connie s

What a huge relief!

"I went in because I had a numbing sensation. Lack of circulation down my right leg. By the end of the visit I felt the difference. Troy knew exactly how to target my troubled area. I feel much better. Thank you Troy!"


Mar 5, 2020


Good hurt

"Troy found all the spots that were hurting and worked them out. He explained what he was trying to accomplish along the way. Highly recommend his services."


Mar 5, 2020

Terri B

Help with Sciatica

"1st let me say, I have been to many massage / sports massage people but no one holds a candle to Troy. He is awesome! He figured out what my problem is and where it’s coming from and I have had a great reduction in pain. He also gave me at home exercises to do to help. I will continue seeing him for this and any future problems. Don’t hesitate book with him today."


Mar 5, 2020

Shawn Wolf

I can walk again!!

"Booked an appointment online and was glad I did. Troy hooked me up big time! I had been dealing with knee issues for sometime, when I left I could walk normal again. Troy was super helpful and did a great job. Will definitely be visiting again in the future."


Mar 3, 2020

Dawn J

Troy is the best

"Anytime I have any sort of ailment I book a visit to see Troy and he fixes me up. It hurts like heck but worth the pain for the result. He knows his stuff."


Feb 24, 2020

Bea Toth

Thank God for Journey!

"Journey is amazing!!!! Every time I’ve gone to her it’s been because of significant issues, and EVERY time she’s been able to help me. I’ll come in experiencing horrible pain, and leave feeling 1000x better!!! Go see Journey! Go see her BEFORE it hurts to walk, breathe or lift your arms! Work out hard, Take your recovery days, and go see Journey!"


Feb 21, 2020

Courtney D


"My daughter had a sore shoulder, Troy fixed her within 15 minutes! We will be going back soon for sure."


Feb 19, 2020

Olivia F


"Thank you so much Josh!! He helped my arm so much. After seeing him yesterday for an hour he was able to get my throwing arm out of intolerable pain!! It hurt so bad but was worth the pain!! 😬. I highly recommend him for any athlete in pain."


Feb 17, 2020

Mimi Medina

Great experience

"josh is awesome. The work on my arm has been very helpful. He’s very professional and knowledgeable."


Feb 16, 2020

Marjorie King

Thankful I found this place!

"I’ve had a shoulder/arm injury for 9weeks, I’ve tried chiro/cryo & massages and nothing has worked. I’ve had to postpone my training for a bodybuilding comp and am in pain all an apt with Troy and literally after one treatment am feeling relief! I will be back soon & this will be my go to from now on to keep my body functioning!"


Feb 13, 2020



Miracle Worker

"I hardly ever review anyone. Has to be outstanding for me to bother. Crazy how talented Troy and staff are! Spa massage just doesn't always cut it, when it's a nagging injury or just plain soreness. When something was lingering for 5 months I thought I was just healing more slowly as I aged (which is still true to an extent.) My wife bought me an hour for, so I showed up to simply not waste it. Wow! It's fixed. They know what's up with whatever pains you have. Stunned at how competent."


Feb 12, 2020

Erick Espana

Happy wife happy life

"Troy was able to get my wife in on short notice for an appointment. She was in alot of pain with her neck and back before heading to Troy. After visiting Troy she left feeling like a new person and her migraines are gone. I can't say how much I appreciate Troy and what he does. 🙌🙌🙌"


Feb 12, 2020

Stephani Stephens

Finally feeling comfortable!

"I saw Troy yesterday for my shoulder pain. I have been to several massage therapists and recently a physical therapist and several treatments with a chiropractor. This is the first time I have ever had a noticeable difference. Today was the first time in years that I have been pain free! I can't believe I was able to work an 11 hour day without even thinking about neck and shoulder pain! Seriously, he is the best!! Thank you so much Troy!!"


Feb 5, 2020

Lori Sutter

O. M. G.

"Oh my gosh I’m sore today, but NO pain NO gain right? Can’t wait to go back! You’re awesome Troy!!"


Feb 5, 2020

Meg R


"I finally found someone who is not afraid to really work. I moved to the area recently and have been dealing with shoulder and back pain due to bicep tendonitis. Troy knew exactly where to start, no fluff. Immediate results in range of motion and pain points. I still have a lot of work and healing time in front of me, but Troy can help facilitate that process! Thankful."


Jan 30, 2020

Trevor M

Get Me Goings

"I dislocated my knee over a yr ago. After seeing 4 different doctors and getting nowhere. I decided to give this place a try. Within 15 mins Troy knew what was wrong and began fixing the issue immediately. I highly recommend Troy to all my friends."


Jan 22, 2020

Luke Guerrero

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Thank you Troy for working out my back. Troy was concerned about my back and stayed late to address it."


Jan 22, 2020

Stephanie Poulsen

So much more than your average massage

"Second time I’ve seen Troy and I’ll be back. If you are in need of a deep tissue massage this is the place for you. My shoulders are so tight plus I have a frozen shoulder. My range of motion is/was limited and Troy is working his magic. Next time your muscles are tight let Troy and his team get you fixed up! Highly recommend."


Jan 6, 2020

Mimi Medina

Great visit

"Joshua was great! He is knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do. He explained his methods and gave directions to help my healing."


Jan 1, 2020

Jodi Guinn

Troy is a Game Changer!!!

"My daughter suffered a shoulder injury in a softball game over 3 years ago. UC Davis and UCSF doctors did 3 different MRI’s with no answers as to what was causing the “massive spasm flare ups” in her right shoulder. We tried EVERYTHING. Just one session with Troy and she has been pain free and is slowly working everyday on getting back to the softball field. Troy was amazing at explaining what was causing the spasms and what at home stretches would help. I highly recommend trying them out!!!"


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