The Difference is Our Team


Our team is very knowledgeable and love their careers. Get Me Goings is very selective when it comes to hiring a team of therapists to listen to your issues and treat your conditions.  Each therapist that is hired by Get Me Goings must go through a 3 month Internship at Get Me Goings. During this 3 month process, the therapist will learn Troy's techniques and be able to perform them under his supervision. Not every Intern becomes employed here at Get Me Goings. Troy understands what is expected out of the name that he has built and therefore very selective on who becomes a Get Me Goings therapist.

W. Troy Goings 
Sports Injury Specialist- Owner
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$185 for 90 minutes
$225 for New Patient

Troy graduated from a rigorous 2-year massage school that taught more than massage, but human anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, and so much more. Upon graduation, Troy, started Get Me Goings as a mobile massage business, but found little success. Being a male therapist and going into strangers homes was a battle that he was told would happen. So, Troy began to work at Massage Envy when they first opened up. He quickly became one of the most sought out therapist at the clinic in Roseville, but he wasn't happy. He felt that there was more to this that he wanted to do. Troy then left Massage Envy and began to work under the supervision of Dr. Scott Zawada. For ten years, Troy worked there learning from Scott, and building up a clientele. But he still wasn't happy. He didn't like giving relaxing massage treatments in a dark room with soft music. He literally fell asleep one day while massaging a lady's hands. That's when he knew he had to do something different. Trow went back to school for a Sports Medicine degree. There he really learned a lot about the human body and how it moves, and how to treat injuries using soft-tissue manipulation. One day Troy, decide to shake things up. He decided that he has to make the work fun for him, and tailor the massage business around him instead of him tailoring himself around the industry. He left the lights on and cranked up the music (gangsta rap and Metallica) And that is when Get Me Goings was created. His new approach became very popular very fast. In January 2018, Troy left Dr. Zawada's office and started his own practice, and Get Me Goings was officially open! Troy continues to educate himself by attending conferences, online schooling with Nation Academy of Sports Medicine, and doing his own research. Every patient he sees gets 100% of his attention and he gives 110% effort in helping solve and correct the issue that is bothering the patient.

Troy is now one of the most sought out manual therapist in California. He has helped out many of the fighters in the UFC, as well as athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Allow him to amaze you with his god-given gift and has attention to detail. If you are in pain and have tried everything possible, give Troy a try. He will identify the problem and work hard to resolving the issue. You owe it to yourself to give him a try.

Tiffany D.

tiffany photo.jpg

Tiffany joined our team in June 2020, and completed our three-month internship and apprenticeship with Troy Goings. She caught on quick to learning Troy's techniques and has quickly become in high demand. She has amazingly great pressure and a caring heart. She is very eager to learn and quickly applies her new skills on each patient. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to stretching to help your injury. With that kind of combination, how could you not book with her?

$110 per hour
$145 for New Patient Appt.

Jacque is a graduate from National Holistic Institute, a very prestigious school that create amazing massage therapist. You can feel Jacque's enthusiastic energy as she takes away your pain. She is very committed to her patients and goes above and beyond in helping each patient she works on. Always eager to learn new techniques, Jacque is the perfect candidate to help you with your pain. She is the type of individual that Get Me Goings hire. Try her out, you will thank us later.


$110 per hour

$145 New Patient Appt.